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CFI-Austin is now processing local membership and admission fees to support our community activities. This membership is separate from CFI Transnational memberships, and one-hundred percent goes to support CFI-Austin activities. We are an all volunteer chapter.

CFI-Austin is endeavoring to have more and exciting special events for 2015 and into the future. This means a bigger and better Darwin Day, a gift from CFI-Austin to our community to spread the wonder of the natural world and humanity's endeavor to understand it through science. We are also adding a summer event for 2015, the Summer Star Party, in which we plan to have an evening cook-out extending into a night of star gazing with a high powered telescope, with special instruction on star gazing and cosmic phenomenon. 

Membership Cost

  • Individual Membership: $30
  • Family / Household Membership: $45
  • Student Membership: $20

Membership Benefits

  • Free or reduced cost entry to our annual events: Darwin Day, Summer Star Party, Sagan Day, Saturnalia
  • Free or reduced cost entry to special events such as guest speakers.
  • Food For Thought lectures are free to paid members and cost $3 for non-members.
  • All other monthly meet ups will continue to be free for everyone.

Where your money goes:

  • Rent for event rooms;
  • Hosting community educational events such as Darwin Day;
  • Hosting community events such as the Summer Star Party, Sagan Day and Saturnalia.

Ways to join include purchasing a membership at a Food For Thought lecture, by PayPal through this website, or you may join by mailing dues to CFI-Austin, PO Box 300036, Austin, TX 78703. Please include name, phone #, and email address.

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CFI-Austin Videos

  • Dr. Edward Marcotte, “Bleeding Yeast and Deaf Plants”

Upcoming Events

Sat 24 Jun 5:00pm
Location: Cafe Express

Tue 27 Jun 7:00pm
Location: ACA Library

About Us

Center for Inquiry-Austin is a secular community dedicated to fostering science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values in our communities and society.

Check out our events and join us as we celebrate community based on secular values.

CFI-Austin | PO Box 300036 | Austin, TX 78703

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