Drinking Rationally

The second Monday of every month, CFI-Austin gathers at Sherlock's Baker Street Pub North, 6pm, for drinking, conversation, dinner and the company of enlightened intellectuals (slash cretans). 

Join us for a secular happy hour of informal discussion and socializing.

Sherlock's has a $3.99 burger special and $2 house wine on Monday evenings.

Location: Sherlock’s Baker Street Pub, 9012 Research Blvd. We typically have a separate reserved room. Turn right from the main entry and go through the double doors.

CFI-Austin Videos

  • Dr. Edward Marcotte, “Bleeding Yeast and Deaf Plants”

Upcoming Events

Sat 24 Jun 5:00pm
Location: Cafe Express

Tue 27 Jun 7:00pm
Location: ACA Library

About Us

Center for Inquiry-Austin is a secular community dedicated to fostering science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values in our communities and society.

Check out our events and join us as we celebrate community based on secular values.

CFI-Austin | PO Box 300036 | Austin, TX 78703

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