"Good Thinking" Course Series

Knowing might be half the battle, but in a world of ever increasing scientific knowledge and claims by overly enthusiastic science popularizers or scientifically illiterate gurus, being able to traverse the minefield of bad thinking might be the more important half of the battle. The human brain simply hasn’t evolved to be an unbiased witness of our surroundings and everyday world. It uses shortcuts to help us better survive that can become a liability in our world of ever increasing complexity.

In that light, CFI-Austin is launching a new weekly course series to explore the diverse methods we humans have developed to see beyond our own biases and to avoid the shortcuts our brains take that lead us into bad thinking. Good Thinking is a look at the “reason” side of “science and reason”, and will explore subjects such as philosophy, logic, statistics, cognitive biases, the failures of common sense and other tools for cutting through the lazy clutter of our minds.

Our normal format will be to watch one or two prepared lectures, such as from “The Great Courses”, and to follow with a group discussion and exploration of the topics and tools presented.

Join us weekly on Friday evenings at ACC Highland to to sharpen your mind by exploring the tools and concepts of Good Thinking. The course is free and open to the public.

Spring 2015

Our current course is "Tools for Thinking: Understanding the World Through Experience & Reason." 

April 1: What are “Tools for Thinking?” & Which tools of thinking are basic?

April 8: Platonic Intuition, Memory and Reason & Intuition, Memory and Reason - Problems

April 15: Sense Experience -- A More Modern Take & Observation and Immediate Inferences

April 22: Further Immediate Inferences & Categorical Syllogisms

April 29: Ancient Logic in Modern Dress & Systematic Doubt & Rational Certainty

May 6: The Limits of Sense Experience & Inferences Demand Relevant Evidence

May 13: Proper Inferences Avoid Equivocation & Induction is Slippery but Unavoidable

Course to continue and complete in Summer 2015.

CFI-Austin Videos

  • Dr. Edward Marcotte, “Bleeding Yeast and Deaf Plants”

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