Darwin Day Training

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Volunteers helping with Darwin Day activities are invited to learn about how to perform their “duties” for the event scheduled for Sat. Feb 9. Those who already know what to do don’t need to attend unless they simply want to meet with the newbies.

Drinking Rationally at Mr Tramps (on Research)

Monday, January 1, 2020

Come join us to eat, drink, and solve the world’s problems. There is limited parking available. It’s okay to park in the Target parking lot, but make sure to read the signs for other businesses that don’t want you to park in their space. Menu: https://mistertramps.com/menu/

Ethical Culture talk: Confronting Systemic Racism [not a cfi event]

Saturday, January 1, 2019

Hugh Taft-Morales will be speaking January 12th 1-3 on Confronting Systemic Racism and on January 13, 10:30 (regular EC meeting time) present a platform on Ethical Culture and Humanism Today at the Worker’s Defense Program Building, 5604 Manor Rd. Hugh is an Ethical Culture Leader at the Baltimore and Philadelphia Ethical Societies. He has a …

Gathering of secular leaders and interested other parties

Saturday, January 1, 2019

Leaders and other members of secular groups in Austin are invited to a gathering to help facilitate coordination and and communication among these groups: Atheist Community of Austin, Center For Inquiry Austin, Austin Humanist Community, and the Ethical Society of Austin.