Born on February 12, 1809, Charles Darwin revolutionized the understanding of plant, animal, and human origins during his lifetime, and has had major, lasting impact on the field of biology ever since. Some 150 years after the release of his On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, Center for Inquiry-Austin gathers every February to celebrate Darwin’s birthday. Who better than Charles Darwin to exemplify the principles of scientific inquiry, for which CFI stands? He devoted his life to the search for truth—examining, gathering, and analyzing enormous amounts of data on his trips around the world, formulating hypotheses about his findings, and undertaking rigorous experimentation to test his hypotheses.

On Saturday, February 8, 2015 from noon to 5pm, the Center for Inquiry-Austin presented a FREE event to celebrate the 206th anniversary of Darwin’s birth. There was something for everyone—fun learning activities for children and teens, fascinating lectures for adults, and professional development credit for teachers. 

Enlightening Speakers

Lydia Pyne, "Famous Fossils Human Evolution"

Molly Cummings, "Sex, Lies, and Videopolarimetry: How Studying Evolution Helps Our Navy"

Dr. Edward Marcotte, “Bleeding Yeast and Deaf Plants”

Kids Presentations

"Arachnids: Past and Present", Dave Moellendorf from Zoo Keeper Exotic Pets

"Does the Theory of Evolution Really Matter" video presentation, StatedClearly.com

"Little Changes" book reading, Tiffany Taylor

"Ice Age Fossils", Lydia Pyne

"Charlie and Kiwi's Evolutionary Adventures" video presentation, Charlie Jordan

"How Whales Walked Into the Sea" book reading, Faith McNulty

"Revealing the Origins of life" video presentation, NOVA Science Now

Interactive Activities

Researchers from UT’s Vertebrate Paleontology Lab will have hands-on displays and demonstrations. Younger and older kids will be able to participate in fun activities that include crafts, games, and videos.

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting science education!

UT Environmental Science Institute
UT Vertebrate Paleontology Lab

Molly Cummings, “Sex, Lies, and Videopolarimetry"

Dr. Edward Marcotte, “Bleeding Yeast and Deaf Plants”

CFI-Austin Videos

  • Dr. Edward Marcotte, “Bleeding Yeast and Deaf Plants”

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