Darwin Day

Darwin Day 2020 at ACC Eastview Campus (3101 Webberville Rd) Bldg 8000

Saturday, February 8, 2020 Noon to 5 pm

Diversity Inspires!

Charles Darwin was inspired by the amazing diversity of life on Earth, and among the most inspiring things he saw was the diversity among some small, brown birds on the Galapagos Islands. Now often referred to as “Darwin’s Finches” these birds modeled how variations in a basic form could cause a burst of adapted forms to occupy a range of habitats. This diversity of life inspired Darwin to create a unified scientific theory to explain it.

In February each year, the world celebrates Darwin’s achievements. Following his example, Darwin day Austin seeks both to inspire and be inspired by the diversity of the Austin community. Scientists and researchers from all walks of life have built upon Darwin’s work to continue to advance our understanding of ourselves and our planet. On February 8, 2020, we invite you to learn, to educate, and to be inspired by each other at Darwin Day Austin.

This year we are wondering what inspires you!

It’s free and open to the public. There’s something for kids from 4 to 94. Exhibits and hands-on demos, short talks and story time for the younger set. Three keynote lectures for adults.  And, birthday cake!


Lecture Hall (8500) – activities for adults:

1:00 pm “Epigenetics, Environment, and Endocrine Disruption” Andrea Gore [University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy] Genetics is what DNA does; epigenetics is what is done to DNA to express genes or not.

2:00 pm – BIRTHDAY CAKE!

2:30 pm Global Change in a Biodiversity Hotspot (the roles of extinction, diversification, and colonization in the making of the Caribbean) Melissa Kemp [University of Texas at Austin Department of Integrative Biology]

3:30 pm “Life and Death by Impact: Drilling for Clues”  Sean Gulick [University of Texas Institute for Geophysics] What happened the day an asteroid hit the Earth 66 million years ago causing dramatic change.

4:30 pm Science Trivia Contest

There will be several tables of activities and demonstrations for kids and adults:

UT Paleo labs with skeletons and fossils / NSBE (Nat. Soc. Of Black Engineers) / Insects Alive! / Austin Bat Refuge / Reptile Table / STEMed Labs / Children’s Research Lab from UT Austin / Arts&Crafts table (Build-a-Dino, coloring pages, etc.) / Fossil Dig / Larger Than Life: microscopes table / Face painting

Kids’ Room (8105)

12:30 pm     Rachel Voyt: “Primate Peculiarities”

1:00 pm       Alessandra Di Lorenzo : “Problems with Plastic”

1:30 pm       Amy Whiteaker: “Evidence for Evolution”

2:00 pm       BIRTHDAY CAKE! (in room 8500)

2:30 pm       Paul Amador: “Genetic Engineering”

3:00 pm       Dr. Aaron Sandel: “Friendship and Bullying in Apes”

3:30 pm       TreeFolks: “Planting Trees in Austin”

Food Trucks available on site: Red White & Que / Shishman Mediterranean Grill / Xolo Tacos