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Food For Thought: What Can You Believe, If You Don’t Believe in God?

September 24, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Trinity Church of Austin
4001 Speedway
Austin, US

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Organized by:
Center for Inquiry – Austin


“What can you believe if you don’t believe in God.” by Michael Werner

Moved from Sep 17 to Sep 24

This talk will be by Michael Werner author of a new highly acclaimed book, “What can you believe if you don’t believe in God.” This book is intended to help you live your life, and to shed some light on your own values and ethics, if you don’t believe in God. More than just a primer on Humanism, but not quite a full-blown treatise on philosophy, it offers some answers to those crucial questions Socrates asked: What is true? And how shall we live our lives? Those of us who don’t believe in the supernatural sometimes struggle to understand how we can ground ourselves ethically, and how to find truth, meaning, purpose and joy. This book offers ideas about how to know, without depending on Holy Scriptures or guidance from a deity, what it means to lead a good and ethical life.

“Humanism is a value system whose time has come: a positive philosophy for the surging proportion of the world’s population who indicate ‘None’ as their religion but seek meaning, morality, and purpose in their lives. Michael Werner’s statement of Humanism is clear, effective, and graceful, just right for our times.” Steven Pinker, professor of psychology, Harvard University author, “The Better Angels of Our Nature” and “How the Mind Works.”

“Mike Werner captures the depth and breadth of Humanism in his latest work. He shows us what love, reason, imagination and science can have in common. In doing so, he demonstrates what we all have to live for, strive for, and believe in.” Roy Speckhardt, executive director, American Humanist Association

“Outstanding and a must read for everyone who takes life seriously.” William R. Murry, former president, Meadville Lombard Theological School, University of Chicago

“Michael Werner has written the quintessential book on Humanism for the 21st century. Not since Corliss Lamont’s, The Philosophy of Humanism, has a book so beautifully explained the Humanist position on non-belief with such clarity.” Suzanne Paul Founder and Executive Director, Center for Secular Humanism

Michael Werner is president of the Humanist Foundation, is past president of the American Humanist Association, adjunct faculty member of the Humanist Institute. He has taught widely at major universities. He was one of the founders of SMART Recovery a Self Management and Recovery Training recovery program for addictions. He was in the chemical business and now lives in Wilmington, NC. Michael is a past board member of Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear.